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Download Ashampoo Office 2010 With Free Genuine License Key

Download Ashampoo Office 2010 With Free genuine License Key

Most Microsoft Windows user's like to use the Microsoft Office. It is the best office software for Microsoft windows operating systems. But it's doesn't mean that it is the only one software which is able to create the documents, spreadsheets and other office files. There're lot of office software available in cyberspace but the best alternative of Microsoft office to create documents, PlanMaker and Presentations is Ashampoo Office. It's not any freeware type software, users have to pay $ 59.99 to use this software, where as basic Microsoft office will costs around $ 119.99. But now Ashampoo Softmaker giving free license key for using Ashampoo Office 2010. You don't need to do anything special for getting this license key, just you have to fill some required fields in Ashampoo promotional page then you'll get the license key in your Email.

Ashampoo Office 2010 is a powerful office suite to create documents, PlanMaker and Presentations. It doesn’t need to high system requirements or huge hard drive space. Users can easily install it on their PC & also install in USB drive.

TextMaker : Ashampoo TextMaker is the fast, reliable and efficient program to create Word Processing, which has all the features to make comprehensive word file. It doesn't have any auto-correct features, and it doesn't underline unrecognised words in red, for example. It does have a spell-checker and thesaurus, of course, and interestingly one unusual automatic feature; auto-hyphenation. When turned on, this will hyphenate and split long words over two lines, when normally the word would be shifted wholesale onto the next line, leaving a gap at the end of the previous line. Although we're not hugely keen on such hyphenation, it does make for a neater right-hand side alignment.

PlanMaker : Ashampoo PlanMaker is very helpful to create spreadsheets, again puts an emphasis on graphics features alongside its core functionality. The object mode we've just mentioned is also available here, meaning you can insert a variety of custom artwork. Charts are easily added too, with many templates on offer, from basic bar charts to scatter or bubble graphs. PlanMaker can also import XLSX files.

Presentations : Ashampoo Presentation is best way to create attractive presentations to grab more audience attention. It is the final module of Ashampoo Office, and it offers a smart range of templates, along with some fancy animations and slide transition effects. It's noticeably zippy at loading even large PowerPoint files, which is true for the other applications here as well. All three are light on system usage and load up bulky files swiftly. Overall, there's a lot to like on the performance front.

Key Features Of Ashampoo Office 2010

  • Open and Save DOCX files
  • Graphics effects for presentations
  • Anti-asliasing for all applications
  • Create PDF files in Textmaker
  • Extended character formats
  • Stylesheet manager
  • Import XLSX documents
  • Autocompletion of cells
  • Multi-page search with hit list
  • Simultaneous, multi-sheet formatting
  • 70 different chart types
  • Solver
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Export presentations as HTML websites
  • Picture compilations in presentations
  • Interactive outliner for Presentations
  • Run slide show on second monitor or projector

How To Get Ashampoo Office 2010 Genuine Licence Key

  • Download & install Ashampoo Office 2010 [ Click on Download (below) button] & Go to  Ashampoo Office license giveway page. (Click here)
  • Now fill all the required fields on the giveway page and then click on Submit Registration button. (If you're not US, Canada and Australia user, so you don't need to select State/province, just fill the other fields)
  • Now login with your Email ID that you have mentioned in giveway page Email field and open the message from SoftMaker. It will include with your Name, Email Address and Serial Number.
  • Now take the Serial Number & register Ashampoo Office 2010.
  • That's it ! Enjoy


Ashampoo Office 2010 compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and smoothly run on 32 bits & 64 bits both MS Windows OS. So hurry up to get the free genuine free license key, it's a promotional offer which can expire at any time.

Download Ashampoo Office 2010
      Ashampoo Office 2010  >> Windows XP | Vista | Windows 7

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  1. TextMaker does have an auto correct feature, it is called smarttext. It is under the insert menu.